Explore boca chica beach without the long drive!

hop on my boat!

Upon departing the dock we'll make our way through the Laguna Madre towards Boca Chica Beach, the southernmost tip of Texas where the Rio Grande River empties into the Gulf of Mexico. On an average day, we'll be able to see dolphins, turtles, pelicans, and other sea birds that call the bay home. We'll anchor up in Barracuda Cove, a nice spot to fish, snorkel, or relax on the water. From here we'll make our way to shore, where a short hike along the jetties across a sandy road will lead you to Boca Chica Beach. Surfboards, Snorkeling Gear, and Fishing Poles are available upon request!

about boca chica

Boca Chica means "little mouth" in Spanish, and it refers to the mouth of the Rio Grande River.. Boca Chica Beach is a secluded, white sandy beach on the very tip of Texas. Access to the beach is either through a long country road, often closed due to Space X operations, or by boat. Boca Chica is home to a variety of seabirds, sea turtles, dolphins, coyotes, bobcats, jackrabbits, and other wildlife. There is also an often empty surf break.

surfboards, boogie boards, fishing gear, and snorkeling gear available upon request!